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Mitsubishi LED Indicator Codes

 LED Display on Front of TV
 Probable Cause(s)
 Probable Resolution(s)
Lamp LED is Red Steady
Lamp did not light or shutdown
 Replace Lamp, Defective Capacitors, Call Service
 Lamp LED is Blinking Green
 TV is cooling down
 Normal TV operation
 Lamp LED is Blinking Yellow
 Lamp door is not installed properly
 Reinstall lamp door and reset TV (unplug for 1 min.)
 Lamp LED is on steady Yellow
 Lamp timer (hour counter) has been triggered.
 Lamp timer needs to be reset.
 Status LED is blinking Red
 Fans have stopped.
 Call for Service
 Status LED is steady Red
 If no picture, defective circuit board
 Call for Service
 Status LED is steady Yellow
 TV is overheating.
 Call for Service
 Status LED is blinking Yellow
 If no picture, filter cover is off or improperly installed.
 Correctly reinstall filter cover.
 Power LED is blinking Green
 TV is booting up after loss of power
 Typical TV operation
 Power LED is slowly blinking Green
 Typical TV operation
 Typical TV operation
 Power LED is steady Green
 Typical TV operation
 Typical TV operation/TV should be on