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Panasonic TY-LA1500 Replacement TV Lamp


     Did your TV stop working and you are not sure if it is the lamp?  Did you install a new lamp and your TV is not working properly?  View our troubleshooting/repair guide to help you identify the problem.  Just click on button above to begin the guide.  We hope you will find this helpful.

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    Purchasing the lamp only and replacing the bad lamp in your existing housing is a very cost effective way that can save you up to hundreds of dollars. The lamp installation is simple and takes only minutes to complete. The plastic housing surrounding the lamp is completely reusable. Picture quality and brightness will not be affected by reusing the housing. We can safely say that because we have thoroughly tested this on every lamp we give advice on. If you do purchase the complete lamp in housing you should have your old lamp housing recycled because it contains mercury.  It is also against many state laws to throw this product in the trash.  It is highly recommended when you purchase a lamp replacement to buy a
factory original OEM (original equipment manufacturer) lamp. The two manufacturers of lamps that TV companies use are Osram and Philips. Some companies may debate that Philips lamps are better than Osram or vice versa, but that is only opinion (or sales tactics) as there are no statistics proving one is better than the other. We have extensively tested (over 25,000 testing hours) each brand and neither performs better or lasts longer than the other. Purchasing a lamp of any other brand is an "OEM compatible", generic, or aftermarket lamp (DNGO, APO).  This is not advised because these lamps have a fraction of the lamp life and can possibly damage your TV.

     Detailed written instructions of the lamp installation are for provided below showing how to replace the lamp in the TY-LA1500 housing. 

1)         Please use the included latex-free glove when handling the lamp.  Failure to use the glove during handling may reduce the life of the lamp.  The TV must be unplugged from the outlet before removal of the lamp.  It must stay unplugged until you are completely finished. The lamp is located in the front of the TV behind the left speaker panel that will pull off.  There will be a lamp door with a label on it.  The lamp is located behind it and make sure to allow proper cooling time before removing your old lamp.


2)         There are four screws that secure the metal cover of the housing that need to be removed.  Remove the two screws that secure the lamp connector.  Remove the two screws to release the metal brackets that hold the lamp down.  Remove the lamp and connector attached to it. Seat the new lamp into the position of the old one with the leads that it comes with still attached.  Seat the lamp connector in the correct position and secure it with the two screws the old one used.  The post on the top of the lamp is very fragile.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN AND USE CARE OR DAMAGE MAY OCCUR.  Companies will not warranty installation damage.  Replace the two metal brackets and screws to secure the lamp in place.  Place the metal cover back onto the housing and secure it with the four screws previously used. After reinstalling your lamp into the TV, completely reassemble the TV.  All lamp doors or anything else removed to remove the lamp from the TV must be replaced before plugging the TV back in and turning on.  Failure to do so will not allow the TV to turn on properly. 


3)         Lamp reset procedure:


1.      Press the POWER button on the TV or the remote control to turn the power on.

2.      While pressing the VOLUME DOWN button on the TV (not the remote control), hold down the PLAY (PP OR PIP) button on the remote control at the same time for more than 5 seconds.

3.      When the reset procedure is complete, the screen will show LAMP TIME WAS RESET TO 0.

***NOTE: If this does not work, please try again and make sure the remote is pointing directly at the TV.